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Letter to the editor: Businesses don’t want mandates, but who does that protect?

Tim Remple

I read the article about business mandates with considerable interest. It seems like one aspect is about the customer experience. Makes sense to want that to be good. But good for whom? The business or the customers?

Most of us who follow the mantra “If you love this place, cover your face,” as the sign on the bus says, have gotten vaccinated. I hate to be the one to break it to the businesses, but if you don’t want to deal with the unvaccinated, then you leave that to us. That does not improve our customer experience!

We’re vaccinated, so we might take the risk. Depends on the latest variant of COVID-19 circulating. We’re trying to keep ourselves, our families and our community safe and well. Some of us are also motivated by the guidance “love thy neighbor as thyself.”

The unvaccinated seemingly care only about their individual freedom and to hell with anybody else and the consequences of their behavior. If businesses don’t want to deal with it, you effectively pander to them. If you rely on them alone to keep your doors open, you’re very likely screwed!

If the goal of business is to blindly try to maximize business, that is very problematic. Perhaps that’s the major goal and concern?

If the guideline were: If you’re not vaccinated and you get sick, you will not be admitted to a hospital for medical care, it would be simple. Thankfully, the medical community and hospitals do not take that approach.

For the hospitality folks, a thought: Think about being in the health care business. They too are for-profit, or at least not taking a loss. They have to deal with the unvaccinated, who as a consequence of their own choice become seriously ill and sometimes die.

Things to reflect on.

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