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Letter to the editor: Columnist Kim McGahey is simply spitting into the wind

Amy C. Simper


Kim McGahey’s disjointed rant “Censor, cancel and control” left one questioning his recollection of history. Apparently, conservatives think it’s fine to boycott Nike sponsorship of Colin Kaepernick’s activist choice in free speech to take a knee. Is it acceptable for politicians to accept support from corporations, if corporations show proper adoration and respect to decision-makers for adoption of beneficial tax laws?

Why would Mitch McConnell suggest that corporations stay out of politics? One questions which way conservatives want to make their bed. To label as “cancel culture” the move of the MLB All-Star Game from Atlanta is as inaccurate as trying to validate recent voter law changes in Georgia as serving to guard against evidence of voter fraud. The right of corporations to voice dissent against increased voter suppression is freedom of speech even if it flies against one’s personal beliefs.

To quote McCarthyism as a liberal tactic relating to cancel culture is a gross misrepresentation of a sad piece of history. McCarthy, a Democrat prior to 1944 and Republican senator from 1947 to 1957, was an underwhelming politician before his Red Scare. When he discovered an audience could be aroused by sensational scare tactics and often unproven accusations, his fame grew while people’s lives were ruined. McCarthy used cancel culture until 1955, when senators challenged his credibility.

Like McCarthy, however, McGahey uses scary phrases like “haters club,” “Democratic elitists” and “social manipulation.” And the choice of Donald Trump as a standard-bearer? Of what? One who can’t accept reality and ridicules all those who cease massaging his ego? Change the channel? How about publish the truth. Everything supported by moderates or liberals isn’t necessarily bad nor enacted to suppress personal freedom. Personal responsibility? Then encourage all politicians to thoughtfully negotiate and pass legislation rather than blanketly suppressing passage.



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