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Letter to the editor: Columnist Linda Harmon should refrain from her baseless accusations

Rachel Steinmetz

I agree with the sentiments of letter writer Phil Friedrich about the value of keeping debates open and civil.

Come to the Table welcomes open discussion and honesty, ideals that columnist Linda Harmon abandons in her hit piece. I was amazed at her ignorance about this nonpartisan movement and her scurrilous accusations and defamation. She has zero proof the group is being funded by “dark money,” and I find her use of the nefarious term laughable.

As a founding member of this movement, I have personal knowledge of where our modest funds come from. They come from the group’s members, who are largely normal, hard-working people in Summit. We are Democrats, Republicans, libertarians, independents, vaccinated and unvaccinated. All are welcome.

What was the egregious action of Come to the Table to which Harmon seemed to take such offense? We asked candidates running for office questions. The nerve! Her attempt to shame Come to the Table for holding constitutional classes and in the same breath as quoting Thomas Jefferson is ironic at best. It is every American’s duty to understand the founding documents and principles of our republic.

“If we can but prevent the government from wasting the labours of the people, under the pretence of taking care of them, they must become happy.” — Jefferson

Harmon’s column title of “Positive Progressive Thinking” seems delusional in light of her negative and regressive attitude. She seems desirous of a time when dissident opinions where silenced and only the bourgeoisie were valid. Her appeal to majority statistics are disdainful of the minorities in our community. I would remind her that the founding documents were intentional about protecting individuals and guarding against majority rule.

Harmon should refrain from her baseless accusations and stop contradicting herself. Her pejorative language and divisive rhetoric is shameful.

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