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Letter to the editor: Condo living is an art and demands care for other residents

Rabbi Joel R. Schwartzman

There is an art to living in a condo building. It isn’t at all like living in a private home. It abides by certain norms. One such cast-iron rule is not to speak loudly in hallways. After all, other people live in the building. It is beyond courtesy to take one’s conversation into one’s accommodations and talk there. No one is really interested in noise invading their space.

Then, too, operating a vacuum cleaner or disposal before 8 a.m. is a casus belli. The same is true for operating electric tools, like drills, after 5 p.m. Pounding nails falls under that same rubric.

Courtesy demands that one wear a mask in the building for the protection of other residents. Holding the coded front door open is optional, although kind. Leaving garbage and muddy tracks in the hallways is often the signature of short-term renters whose attitude is usually best phrased: “What the heck? I’m paying for this. I don’t own it. Therefore, I can treat it any way I like.” This includes taking up two parking spaces in the already overcrowded lot.

Perhaps the most in-your-face infraction of condo living is breaking glass in the hot tub. This guarantees the tub will require maintenance, which may include replacing expensive parts, and can close the facility for up to several weeks to other residents.

Other not-so-endearing behaviors include barking pets and leaving what pets leave wherever they leave it.

Blocking the snow plow with one’s parked vehicle demonstrates a lack of consideration. But the one that beats all is the partier. The one who insists on spreading cheer long into the evening is sure to bring the neighbors, manager and even the police into action.

Condo living is truly an art. Best lived, it manifests care and concern for other residents.

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