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Letter to the editor: COVID-19 vaccine prevents needless death and illness

Ted Woodson

Over the years, I have had strong disagreements with those on the political right, and they’ve had disagreements with me.

But when it comes to those who refuse the COVID-19 vaccine, I can only feel great sadness at the enormous stupidity shown by them. Needless deaths and illness could have been prevented.

A short history lesson: Smallpox killed thousands worldwide every year. Then, in the early 1800s, doctors developed the world’s first vaccine.

With regard to polio, parents dreaded the summer season and the onslaught of the horrible disease that killed hundreds of children. Some survivors were permanently disabled. In the 1950s, the Salk and the Sabin vaccines were eagerly used by grateful parents.

Both diseases are now conquered, and there was no organized resistance that issued baldfaced lies and tried to prevent the use of the medicines.

Finally, a comment on the reason many anti-vaxxers offer, a statement that combines both hypocrisy and irony, “My body, my choice.”

Funny, when a woman defends her right to privacy in her reproductive choices by using similar language she is excoriated by the right.

Get jabbed folks. It’s your duty to you, your family and to others with whom you contact.


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