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Letter to the editor: Critical race theory must be stopped wherever it has taken root

Jeff Pace

The greatest threat to our country comes in the form of critical race theory, a doctrine that permeates K-12 education, our universities and even some elements of our local and national government.

Under this theory, Caucasians are racist by virtue of their skin color. They are racially biased even if unconscious of it. Their children absorb racism, and a burden of guilt, from their heritage. Only Caucasians can be racists.

Beyond their personal racism, their culture, history and the institutions of this country are all the polluted product of racist history aimed at maintaining white supremacist control of nonwhite races. The foundation of this country, our Constitution, was aimed at the perpetuation of slavery.

Caucasians are not individuals. They are a beneficiary of special white privilege regardless of their background or economic status and are, by definition, a member of an oppressor group.

Within critical race theory is a kernel of truth — our racist past — but it is wrapped in a giant lie that ignores the positives of Western civilization, the world-changing benefit of the founding of the U.S., our progress from slavery to civil rights, our victories over fascism and communism, and our political freedoms. This theory aims at equality of outcome, not opportunity and preferential treatment over merit — a state that can only be achieved through coercion and force.

This perverse, racially divisive theory would logically lead to tribalism and warring racial groups in a perpetual conflict that could eventually destroy the country. If allowed to proceed, it would also terminate Martin Luther King Jr.’s achievable vision of a country where all have equal opportunity and in which our children are judged by their character, not by the color of their skin. Critical race theory must be stopped wherever it has taken root.



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