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Letter to the editor: Do we really need any more masking discussions in the paper?

Maarten Meinders

Do we need any more masking discussions in the paper? Those who wear masks cannot be persuaded not to bully everyone else, and those who don’t wear masks would rather die than be bullied into it. Personally, I figure if masks don’t work, we shouldn’t need them, and if they do work, you should be perfectly safe behind your own.

Sadly, a recent letter writer took the issue to a new level with the implied threat to restaurant waiters that if they don’t wear a mask while serving them, they would leave a lesser tip. In response, I gather the non-maskers could leave larger tips and that would even things out. However, this is getting silly.

Let me make a couple of suggestions:

  • Call ahead to the restaurant and patronize them based on your masking requirements.
  • Maybe we could go back to the smoking policies we had: “Would you like masked or unmasked seating?” The maskers can go to the back where they feel safe and sound, and the un-masked can sit up front and inhale the fresh air from the door and the germs from other patrons that will help strengthen their immune systems.

For those restaurants that are unwilling to deal with two segregated populations, let me make a suggestion to their bewildered waiters: When new customers inhabit your table, peek around the corner and see if they are maskers. If so, put on your mask. If not, remove your mask. Either way, expect a great tip. In both cases smile (although no one will notice if you wear a mask) and pretend you are wholly sold out to their particular sensitivities.

For everyone’s safety, any undesirable interaction between maskers and un-maskers can be managed by a generous 20-foot social distance requirement. Welcome to the new normal.

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