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Letter to the editor: Don’t live life by the manipulated COVID-19 numbers

Rachel Steinmetz

People love to throw around statistics to scare others into their paranoid mentality, but rarely do they stop to realize that those numbers are in desperate need of investigating. If the past two years of failed predictions and moving goalposts have taught us anything, it should be that we need to be more careful about the information we blindly accept.

A boogie man number I see people throwing out daily is the death toll for COVID-19 in the U.S. While 900,000 is certainly a scary number, what scares me more is the lack of critical thinking and blind trust in authority — authority that often is compromised by financial conflicts of interest and political motivations.

Hospitals have been under the influence of financial incentives to pad the numbers for two years, including in the death toll anyone who dies within a certain amount of days of a positive test and testing everyone already in the hospital for other reasons. Dr. Anthony Fauci himself recently admitted to this deception. Then there is the problem of the unreliable PCR tests using varying degrees of cycle thresholds bringing the rate of false positives up dramatically. And how about the data that shows how nearly every other common cause of death in 2020 uncharacteristically dipped?

A recent columnist, while spewing numbers, lamented that “the virus is not done with us no matter how much we are done with it.” I agree, COVID-19 isn’t done. It never will be; it is now seasonal. What I disagree with is the assertion that we should obsess over the numbers and the minuscule possibility of death from one cause while we mindlessly live with multiple more likely causes of death on a daily basis.

Don’t live life by the manipulated numbers. Live it without fear and crippling gullibility.

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