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Letter to the editor: Embrace the American way rather than the socialistic way

Ralph Ragsdale

For decades now, we have heard cries to help the poor and to level the middle-class playing field. Those objectives are not the same challenges but can be achieved simultaneously with one stroke. That is, with socialism. When the government owns or regulates every facet of our being, cradle to grave needs are provided by Big Brother. And if the system is run equitably, and it hasn’t been anywhere, everyone’s standard of living is the same. That part is like communism, which also fails to fulfill its promise.

Almost everyone supports using taxation to augment what churches do to support those unable to work for a living. That is not the issue debated. Linda Harmon — in her well-crafted and well-meaning column — refers-to rebuilding the middle class. I read that to mean making all of the middle class equal in standard of living using taxation as the vehicle. That is not the American way, we believe. Our society is based on free enterprise and keeping what we earn. Label that selfish if you like.

Virtually every resort area in the U.S. has a problem with a shortage of housing affordable for low-wage employees. If free enterprise is allowed to function without intervention, local wages would increase to a livable level. Home-building would follow the demand. Commodity prices would increase locally, and visitors and absentee owners would pay more to be here. Heck. I already can’t afford to visit Aspen. Bite the bullet and let it happen. It’s the American way. We don’t want the socialistic way.

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