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Letter to the editor: Fear divides us; hope unites and strengthens us

Steve Brown


When I ask myself what is the principle that connects the 70 million people that voted for Donald Trump in the 2020 election, the answer is fear.

Trump supporters have been infected with an irrational, gut-level paranoid fear of almost everything that they believe is threatening their country: communism, socialism, liberalism, China, Satan, Blacks, Muslims, the mainstream media, immigrants, “illegal aliens,” aliens from outer space, Jewish cabals, black helicopters, East Coast elites, gay people, antifa, the deep state, intellectuals, science, Black Lives Matter, pedophiles, Democrats, “crooked Hillary,” George Soros, “They’re going to take my gun away” government and every other insane conspiracy you can barely imagine. Fear of the future. What they crave is safety, a savior to deliver them from these threats.

In contrast, the Democrats underlying principle is hope. Hope for the future, hope that our problems can be dealt with, hope that we can end the pandemic, hope that we take action on climate change, hope that we address the injustices of systemic racism, hope that we unify our diverse society, hope that we provide for a more equitable sharing of our country‘s wealth and hope to create a more fair society with equal opportunity for everyone.

Fear is easy to invoke because the world is in constant change and the future is always unknown. Dictators thrive on the chaos that comes from rampant fear. Hope is a much more difficult feeling to instill. It requires confidence and resilience that is necessary to move forward in the face of uncertainty. It can be inspired by great leadership and a common purpose.

Fear divides and weakens us. Hope unites and strengthens us. Let us hope as a country that we can overcome our fears and face the challenges of the future.




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