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Letter to the editor: Freedom and responsibility go hand in hand

Chris Dorton

In a recent letter to the editor, the writer advocates, “It’s time to resist mask mandates with peaceful protests.” I’m encouraged that the word “peaceful” is included.

Apparently the writer missed my letter, “The meaning of freedom, privilege, responsibility and deceit.” So this time I will be blunt and cite a recent family incident:

In an irresponsible act, parents sent their child to an indoor event. The child was awaiting results of a COVID-19 test. The child spontaneously interacted with our grandson and others. The child was subsequently diagnosed with COVID-19.

My family was here visiting from Oregon. They took our grandson to the event so they could be part of the activity and our daughter could see her son in action.

Their Alaska Airlines flight was a super cheap, nonchangeable, nonrefundable, red-eye flight. They unknowingly were exposed to COVID-19, as well. Their flight home was in one week and couldn’t be changed.

They rushed to the Summit County Community and Senior Center for nasal swab COVID-19 tests. The test center informed them that results are typically available in five days. This was really close, as Thanksgiving was two days away as well as the weekend. Fortunately, the negative results arrived in two days!

If they hadn’t, my relatives would have lost the entire cost of the return flight and potentially 10-14 days of work while quarantining here in Colorado. That would have created a devastating financial blow three weeks before Christmas.

So here’s the blunt bottom line: Your personal rights end where my right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness begins. Note the order with “life” first. Whatever your personal mask beliefs are doesn’t give anyone the right to wantonly expose other people to a deadly disease. Freedom and responsibility go hand in hand.

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