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Letter to the editor: Fundamental rights are for all Americans, not just McGahey

Bruce Menzel

In his June 8 Summit Daily News opinion column, Kim McGahey wrote about “Remember what independence should mean.” For him, independence seemingly has a strictly personal meaning, like the freedom to walk your dog “… without a leash or a poop bag.” (Conservative responsibility ethos would still demand personal poop removal.) And, McGahey continued, having the right “… to breath our clean mountain air without a mask on!” (Message: Ignore COVID-19’s extreme airborne contagiousness and toxicity.)

But that’s not the way I remembered the concepts expressed in the Declaration of Independence. Upon review of that document, I was reminded of its several principles. In brief and in modern English, these are as follows:

  • All Americans are societal equals and should be treated equally.
  • All Americans have fundamental rights, including life, liberty and striving for happiness.
  • The purpose of government is to protect these rights.
  • A government that withholds these rights should be replaced.

McGahey must especially like the last one, because he wrote “… we must reject local, state and federally elected officials and their draconian policies that require us to sacrifice our individual freedoms.” There’s that personal thing again. Well, at least he’s consistent in his egocentric viewpoint. But how does McGahey like those other three principles, I wonder? Probably not so much. After all, they refer to fundamental rights of all Americans, not just those of McGahey and his conservative cronies.

McGahey capstoned his piece with the admonition that Summit voters should remember his words on independence every time they go to the polls. On that, he and I agree.

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