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Letter to the editor: Government debt reveals free stuff is not free

Ken Gansmann

While visiting my sister, who is in a nursing home, we stayed with my younger brother and his wife. Discussions with them revealed they were proud of the $1,400 in government money they received this past year. We asked them why they got this free stuff and we didn’t. Our sister-in-law replied that we make more than them.

My brother is very conservative, but he didn’t mind taking free stuff from our government. So it is not only liberals who want free stuff. Where is this leading us? Do we want to be more dependent on our government? How does our government get this free stuff? What happens when we run out of others’ money? Could this be why our government debt has gone from $5.67 trillion in fiscal year 2000 (the last year we met budget) to $28.43 trillion in 2021? The downfall of Rome started with moral decay and fiscal irresponsibility.

By many accounts, we have housing issues in Summit County. How did we get here so fast? Are our county commissioners and voters willing to look within? In a very short period of time, the mill levy on our properties has gone from 46.4 to 72.4 accompanied by increasing assessments. This is a 56% increase in the mill levy alone.

In 2018 and 2020, our county commissioners put forth amendments totaling well over $100 million in new real estate taxes over a 10-year period. They knew this would pass because our voters want free stuff.

Wonder why the number of rental properties here are now so costly with such low availability? It is time for our voters to realize free stuff is not free. If we want a helping hand, look at the end of our arm first. It builds character.

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