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Letter to the editor: Harmon’s column was nothing but negative, regressive thinking

James Michaels

Linda Harmon’s recent column was the opposite of positive and progressive as it further divides, not unites, our local community.

In the first few sentences, she attempts to insinuate or accuse three mothers and one grandmother of being somehow linked to nefarious “dark money” masterminds in seeking the positions of school board last fall. The 4 For the Kids candidates lost by a very large margin. (It happened months ago. Move on.)

Now, instead of using her column to talk about the tragedy in Ukraine and how we as locals can help to assist in this historic human suffering, she chooses to spend her time trying to smear, disparage and attack former candidates. Really? How petty. How small. I think the 4 For the Kids candidates made clear they ran because they wanted the children to focus on academics and to enjoy their childhood, versus trying to indoctrinate and divide our children by race, sexual orientation, gender identity and skin color.

Harmon makes a correct statement in saying the district does not technically teach critical race theory; however, the concepts are woven into many classrooms without having to call it an actual class under the guise of equity. Conservative families feel very strongly that these white privilege, systemic racism and other cult-like political teachings are insulting and only divide our children and community.

Harmon is either intentionally dishonest and chooses to attack former candidates for sport and enjoyment, or delusional if she thinks dark money “masterminds” like the MyPillow guy funded the local school board campaign.

I hope Harmon can take some time away from watching MSNBC to offer an apology to the 4 For the Kids candidates for her petty and divisive attack and can practice “Progressive Positive Thinking” in the future.

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