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Letter to the editor: Have you analyzed the information you consume?

Cheryl Moskal
Denver and Breckenridge


We are influenced and form opinions by our associations with families, friends, news outlets and our experiences. If we listen or are exposed to kindness, we will most likely respond in the same manner. Likewise, if we listen to hate or propaganda, we will form opinions based on that. If we search for the truth, we will be better informed citizens.

Have you ever analyzed information you receive? Do you let others tell you what is true or not? Are you listening to news from investigative journalists or opinion personalities? There are companies that rate media bias. Their criteria and terms differ but use a wide range of analysts and methods from different political and social leanings.

Look up these companies and compare their reports: MediaBaisFactCheck.com, AdFontesMedia.com, AllSides.com. Some companies lump all types of programs together when rating a media source. Others separate news from opinion reporting, rating each category separately. Ratings vary accordingly. For the most straight-forward reporting, terms are “least bias,” “center,” “middle-fact reporting.” These are a few outlets, among several, considered center or fact reporting by at least two companies: The Associated Press, Reuters, UPI, Axios, NPR, The Hill, BBC, USA Today, CBS, CNBC, ABC, Christian Science Monitor, Wall Street Journal (news only).

From 1949 to 1987, the Federal Communications Commission had the “fair doctrine” policy that all broadcast license holders were required to present controversial issues of public importance in an honest, equitable and balanced matter. The demise of the fairness doctrine is considered by some to have led to the rising level of party polarization. Governments learned a long time ago that they could influence their citizens by exposing them to limited and highly partisan leaning news or opinions. See how your sources rate.




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