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Letter to the editor: Humans can be incredibly creative when it comes to their litter

Rabbi Joel R. Schwartzman

Twice each week, I walk from my condo to the Dillon post office. Often, I couple that small jaunt with a trip to my condo’s dumpster. It’s there that I see many multiples of what I schlep weekly to the Silverthorne recycling center. It’s amazing that people can’t or won’t take this time or make the effort to take their cardboard boxes, plastic and glass bottles, aluminum cans and other like items to this center, which is so close, but prefer to fill our garbage dump with these things. How lazy and uncaring some people can be! Is this truly a reflection of human nature? I say this as the seas are rising.

Maybe due to a comment I offered in a previous letter to the editor about the squalor in the post office, the postal people in Dillon have removed all the garbage cans and paper recycle bins, leaving us postal customers to take our unwanted mail and emptied cardboard boxes with us. Except that this isn’t happening in all cases. Now there is a growing pile of detritus by the side door. Human beings can be so incredibly creative, especially when it comes to their rubbish and litter.

This reminds me of some of the Appalachians who moved to Cincinnati’s slums. When the health department people told them that they couldn’t simply toss their trash out their windows as they had back home to the pigs — that they needed, instead, to put their garbage in bags — they did exactly what they were told. They put their garbage in bags and then tossed it out the window. Go figure.

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