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Letter to the editor: I agree with Knopf on the electric vehicle conundrum

Ken Gansmann

This is the second time within a couple of months I find myself in agreement with columnist Susan Knopf. Perhaps the divide is narrowing.

Current regulation initiatives attempt to bolster politically favored “green” energy companies and attempt to decimate energy companies as an investment option. We have seen this before when Nixon-era controls crushed energy investment. The result was the OPEC embargo in the 1970s, and we all know how that went and ended. For those of you who were not around then, this is how we ended up with so much ethanol in our gasoline. Ethanol is an oxygenate, which has been blended into gasoline since the Henry Ford days. It helps your fuel burn more evenly. However, it is a poor substitute for regular gasoline. And supplies of ethanol are controlled by about five major manufacturers today.

Today’s policymakers don’t grasp the hard realities that come with massive fleets of all-electric cars and the electric grid batteries powered by lithium (a metal). Prices for it are at unprecedented levels. There are no known substitutes for lithium. Mining for it in the West is severely restricted, and China holds most of the mining and production of it. The green energy transition starts and ends with metals. Aggressive mining of green energy minerals must happen other than in China to safely implement an all-electric car mandate.

For comparability in performance, the super-costly electric car battery is typically four times bigger in volume than your car or SUV gas tank. When these batteries fail (and they do), they are very difficult to dispose of.

Our bureaucrats are very adept at this hide-it-from-the-people power grab, but even they can’t figure how to power massive fleets of electric cars, buses, trains and our power grid. All forms of energy is the real world.

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