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Letter to the editor: I am thankful that redistricting will be a win-win scenario

Nate Marshall
Evergreen and Silverthorne

I am thankful that the redistricting will be a win-win scenario for me since both of my communities are currently represented by Rep. Joe Neguse. Now, I will have Rep. Lauren Boebert and whoever sends Rep. Ed Perlmutter packing in the 6th Congressional District.

I find the letter from Nancy Lee as well as the column by Linda Harmon to be laughable at best. Really sad to be honest. It seems that liberal women have a certain hatred of strong, independent women who balance a family and business with public service. Boebert is doing an amazing job. She will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Sen. Kerry Donovan represents a small cult of those operating out of hate, jealousy and envy. They want control. They want to direct. They want to shred the Constitution, take over schools, force critical race theory and teach 3-year-olds to hate the police.

Liberals think natural resources belong to them. I’m sorry, but they don’t. If we want healthier forests to reduce wildfire risk, and thus crippling mudslides, we need to allow timber and logging companies to thin the forests, and they will pay to do so. If we want to save money and have national security, we need to drill for our own oil. We need to mine for metals and minerals to provide critical elements. I’d frack the Denver Zoo and strip mine Red Rocks to accomplish this. It’s called economic and national security!

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