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Letter to the editor: I certainly wouldn’t describe the Republican agenda as hidden

Rod Bishop

In the interest of honesty and clarity, I am compelled to comment on Susan Knopf’s latest column in which she writes about the upcoming Summit School District Board of Education election.

Knopf is correct when she alludes the election — like all elections — is a political one, but I certainly wouldn’t describe the Republican agenda as hidden. Democrats are almost certainly for the recently adopted Summit School District Just and Equitable Education proposal (How is that for appealing rhetoric?), while I know most Republicans would prefer to keep this critical race theory ideology out of our school systems. Why, you ask? Because it is rooted in Marxism and is divisive. Instead of class warfare, it creates an oppressed vs. oppressor narrative based on race.

Just see how insidious this indoctrination can be. Take for example the very appealing rhetoric of the left. Diversity has now almost exclusively become state-managed identity politics of diversity quotas based on race — not diversity of thought, experience, etc. Equity is exactly the opposite of what our Founding Father’s envisioned: “all men are created equal” and equality for all. Now we apparently need state management to ensure equity of outcome. Inclusion, we are told by so many subjected to this type of training, is anything but. It has become, “Go along with our way of thinking or you won’t be included.”

As for “shouting down” a kindergarten teacher for daring to offer information on programs promoting racial harmony, the column seems to be referring back to the event organizers. I was there and can guarantee you that wasn’t the case. Nor was it the panel as three out of four were not from Summit County, so they certainly didn’t know enough to shout anyone down on that topic!

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