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Letter to the editor: I choose to stand for the Constitution and limited government

Todd Nelson


I read Susan Knopf’s column “God bless America,” and I thought I was going to puke from the socialist, communist remarks made by Knopf and Joe Biden.

I voted for Donald Trump and am proud of it. Knopf seems to feel all Republicans fell for the election voting results. I never believed there was enough voter fraud to steal the election. Knopf is now being sucked in by Biden untruths. She claims Biden will be president for all Americans. Does this include the 1,000 union workers that got laid off by his executive order canceling the Keystone XL pipeline? Does this include taking steps to pack the U.S. Supreme Court? Does working for all Americans include confiscation of legally owned AR-15 rifles? Does this include ending the 1776 education program Trump started?

In her column, Knopf states the Capitol was built with slave labor, a half-truth. Out of 600 workers, 400 were slaves and the other 200 were not. Have you noticed the statute on the Capitol in D.C.? it is a statue of a freed slave with an American eagle helmet. Our country was not built on slavery; it was built on limited government, freedom of speech and freedom from a tyrannical government.

Biden says he wants to unite America, but what he really means is he want us to follow his lead to socialism. I for one will not comply with the Democrats’ ideology or their agenda. I choose to stand for the Constitution, limited government and freedoms set forth by our founders. May God bless the republic.




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