Letter to the Editor: I disagree with Susan Knopf’s stance supporting abortion rights

William Browning

I read Susan Knopf’s May 12 opinion piece “A woman’s right to choose” and felt compelled to offer an opposing opinion.

For context, I am an independent. I like to analyze the pros and cons of contentious issues and make my own reasoned opinions. I refuse to be brainwashed by the diatribes of the Democrats or the Republicans. I am continually amazed by the hypocrisies of both.

I am a retired surgeon, and have devoted my professional life to saving lives. I therefore believe in the sanctity of life, including the life of the unborn.

I am the proud grandfather of a 5-year-old delivered prematurely at 26 weeks and 2 pounds by cesarean section because the mother had eclampsia. Abortion would have had the same effect for “women’s health” in this instance — but without the joy of a God-given grandson. I have taken care of a young lady who had a miscarriage at home, and came to the ER cause of hemorrhaging. I performed a life-saving curettage, to remove the remaining products of conception which included a perfectly formed human head the size of a walnut. I did what was necessary to save this young lady’s life, but still, I cried.

Knopf quoted a constitutional right to privacy as a reason to promote pro-choice. “Privacy” is implied by a penumbra of different amendments but not explicitly stated. I don’t think the privacy provisions would apply to two adults when one of them kills the other in the “privacy” of a home.

I have read the complete Pew Research study quoted by Knopf and the only “fact” that can be inferred is that Americans are divided on the abortion issue, sometimes vehemently.

Although I disagree with Ms. Knopf’s opinion, I will do so respectfully, while expecting her respect for mine.


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