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Letter to the editor: I simply ask that I be allowed to make my own health decisions

Patrick Dolan


In a previous letter to the editor, I stated that I was not getting a COVID-19 vaccine because I am in good health and do not want to expose myself to potential unknown side effects of the vaccine. It is commonly understood that all medications have possible side effects — just listen to any commercial promoting a medication — and should not be taken unless the user believes the potential benefit outweighs the risk involved. And while I applaud the heroic efforts in bringing these vaccines to market so quickly, I don’t believe everyone should rush to get vaccinated. The accelerated approval process means these vaccines were not subjected to the traditional rigorous testing procedures. Each individual should consider this and make their own benefit/risk determination.

I was perplexed with Ted Woodson’s response when he said I was using “right-wing rhetoric” in explaining my decision. I simply weighed my personal circumstances and made what I believe to be an informed decision. If my circumstances were different, and I was in a high-risk category, I would already have gotten my vaccine. But I’m not.

Remember, until a few years ago, the Food and Drug Administration would not permit Americans to use experimental drugs even if they were dying because the side effects were unknown. Today, we are told that we must get vaccinated despite the less rigorous testing. My how times have changed.

I simply ask that I be allowed to make my own health care decisions without being coerced to act against my will and that the government defend my right to do so, rather than threatening to limit my employment opportunities or putting me on a no-fly list.



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