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Letter to the editor: I want a platform that defends my wishes, rather than thwarts them

Maarten Meinders

A recent letter from Helen Gerstein, criticizing me for stating that I am done with GoFundMe, missed the point. I was accused of not having done my research because I recommended GiveSendGo as an alternative without having checked all the scumbags (my choice of word) who have possibly benefited from that organization. Those scumbags would be mostly “far-right” groups and anyone who has been tainted as such by the liberal media.

To be sure, I suspect that GoFundMe has its own set of controversial donors, so let’s do away with the guilt-by-association drivel. I simply wanted people to be aware of an alternative crowdfunding organization, and I wanted to deal with people who defend my wishes, rather than thwart them.

Since the second accusation against me was that GiveSendGo had recently been hacked. I reluctantly performed some research. It turns out the perpetrator was a hacker named Aubrey Cottle with severe anti-convoy sentiments who wanted to destroy the movement financially by (illegally) doxing any of its donors.

So let me get this straight: GiveSendGo wants to support a legitimate peaceful protest. (CNN fans: Check all the YouTube videos.) But it is declared an illegitimate organization because some don’t like the people who use it and because a far-left enemy of GiveSendGo is trying to destroy them and their donors! Now that is circular reasoning: “You are bad because people who don’t like you are trying to destroy you.”

That brings me to my final point: GoFundMe will readily confiscate donors’ funds based on their left-wing values. GiveSendGo is fighting malicious efforts to prevent distribution as directed by their donors. That is really all I am looking for. Keeping a promise.

And Gerstein, my preferred pronouns are he and him, not she and her.

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