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Letter to the editor: I’m sickened by McGahey’s prejudice and ignorance

Amy Simper


Once again I am sickened by Kim McGahey’s prejudice and ignorance. One must ask, how long will Summit Daily readers have to put up with his nonsense? He thanks the departing president, who incited a violent siege against this country’s democracy, for not taking pay for the position while failing to acknowledge that this same man wasted millions of tax dollars padding his own coffers while playing golf at his resorts instead of adequately handling the pandemic. At the inauguration he claims to have seen just the Obama family and 25,000 National Guard Troops. Why would the Obama family be so prominent in his mind? Does he still carry a grudge? Did McGahey ask himself why the National Guard was required in such presence? And let me ask, did he not see Lady Gaga present an incredible rendition of our National Anthem? Did Garth Brooks not share a heartfelt version of Amazing Grace? Or is McGahey the one who is blind and now needs to see! Please, dear readers, insist that this idiot stop pandering his fictional rewrite of history and bashing people over the head with his rhetoric of doom and gloom. Stop blaming the Democratic Party when one must ask how our flag was honored when used as a weapon against our under appreciated police. Lastly, if a different president had caused the insurrection, would the Republican senate, even after Mitch McConnell’s admission of Trump’s impeachable acts, still have suggested sweeping his crimes under the rug rather than convict? I think not.

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