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Letter to the editor: I’m tired of elected leaders treating us like children

Patrick Dolan


I am 68 years old and tired of being treated as a child. For some inexplicable reason, elected officials (federal, state and local) have decided that they are better equipped to make decisions on my behalf than I am. I vehemently disagree!

I believe most mandates regarding COVID-19 are not enacted for my or your well-being but rather for political reasons.

I happen to believe masks are ineffective in preventing the spread of COVID-19 and are actually detrimental to one’s health and that it is unwise for healthy individuals with low risk factors (most people) to subject themselves to the potential side effects of COVID-19 vaccines.

Government should not silence these differing opinions but rather encourage open discussion. Let an informed populace make their own health care decisions after hearing both sides of the issue.

Responsible policymakers should consider the harm they are inflicting on millions of Americans with their arbitrary mandates: business closures, children being deprived of a quality education, increased unemployment, drug and alcohol abuse, and suicides, etc.

I don’t want government employees who don’t know me making health care decisions on my behalf. Because I am healthy with no underlying health conditions, I don’t intend to expose myself to a medical treatment the side effects of which could be more severe than the illness itself, and I should not be coerced to do so.

Our government is supposed to protect our constitutional rights and shouldn’t place restrictions on employment opportunities or travel. Rather, it is their sworn duty to protect us from such restrictions. It’s time they treat their constituents as adults, not children!



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