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Letter to the editor: Impossible to know how many doctors have been bullied

Maarten Meinders

In a response to my letter, Jack Beckner lamented that the Summit Daily News did not vet my claim that thousands of doctors were threatened to have their licenses revoked for spreading “disinformation” about COVID-19. That is quite a tall order for the Summit Daily to do. Even I could not do that in 300 words.

There are roughly 1 million physicians in the U.S. (Google it.) Technically, all of them have been threatened. But even if only 0.1% would be inclined to question the government’s approach to COVID-19, that would still be about 1,000 doctors. Since facts are very hard to come by in this climate of censorship, 1,000 doctors would technically be an opinion, even if based on sources I trust, just as Beckner has his opinions based on the sources he consults.

There are articles that indicate a clear pattern of intimidation toward doctors. The catch is: If the intimidation works as intended, it will naturally be impossible to establish how many dissenting doctors have been bullied into compliance out of fear. On the internet, the number of articles calling them quacks vs. heroes is about 100 to 1. This is not surprising since the definition of “disinformation” includes everything that does not fit the government’s narrative. Hence any physician who disagrees is by definition a quack.

This likely won’t convince Beckner, but this whole issue really boils down to whom you choose to trust. Before calling doctors “looneys,” look up their credentials and discern their motives.

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