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Letter to the editor: It would be nice if writers were factually correct

Allen Bacher

Amy Simper, who wrote with a passion to Summit Daily about a month ago, must have forgotten the devil is in the details.

She seems enamored with Maynard Keynes, who gave us the Keynesian Theory of financial simulation.

There are about 30 trillion reasons of national debt that support the belief that the theory doesn’t work. Part of the Keynesian Theory is that the stimulus monies get paid back!

Keynes was also a notorious libertine, who kept an openly bisexual relationship with his wife and a close male friend in what could be best described as a ménage a trois.

She trotted out numerous statistics to support claims that Democrats are good, Republicans are bad.

I have held that figures lie and liars figure, and that, as Mark Twain is credited with opining, “There are liars, damn liars and statistics.”

Harry Truman and Dwight Eisenhower benefited from World War II pent up demand but were just along for the ride. Maybe she has forgotten that the 535 elected members of Congress are the ones who are to be faulted or praised. Presidents can only arm twist or use a bully pulpit.

No presidents can take credit, or blame, for an economy. Congress passes legislation. A president can sign, veto or pocket it within 10 days of the adjournment; it is thus so.

Keep in mind that the only Democratic president that wasn’t chasing skirts in the 20th century was Jimmy Carter. However, he did lust in his heart.

Since this antagonist is obviously an admirer of life’s deviants — the faulty economic theory of a royal, white-privileged economist and morally corrupt Democrats — I wonder if she was asleep in her education classes?

Does this party faithful water carrier deserve a fitting dose of her own cabal’s cancel culture medicine?

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