Letter to the editor: It’s important to remember that teaching racism creates racism | SummitDaily.com

Letter to the editor: It’s important to remember that teaching racism creates racism

Chuck Savall

So another column extolling critical race theory, this one from Scott Estill. No wonder, from someone who has apparently spent most of his own life being indoctrinated by our liberal education system.

Critical race theory is our history, not our present. It is certainly not a subject that young minds are able to put in proper perspective, especially when it is focused on creating division by assigning character and behavior traits based solely on skin color.

It’s not about leftist ideas; it’s about bad ideas, resurrecting our distant past and somehow re-stoking the flames of hatred. It’s teaching young people to hate America and other Americans based on mistakes made decades to centuries ago instead of celebrating the enormous progress we have made by learning from those mistakes — the very definition of education.

Teaching about racism creates racism. Just like constitutional law, it is a study subject for mature, college-aged minds but not for young and easily manipulated minds. That’s called brainwashing.

Feebly trying to justify that shows intent to use racism to divide and coerce our children. Shameful!

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