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Letter to the editor: Keep doing what you can to stay healthy until vaccination day

Emmett Bailey


COVID-19 has, without a doubt, outstayed its welcome. Its cost has been high, and I see the embodiment of our fear and anxiety more often. I even feel it myself; just the other day, I found myself raging at the sun, fists clenched, simply for shining when it ought to have been snowing. Sometimes I think quarantine has stolen my rationality. I don’t think I’m alone; when my mom’s friend used to cough to hide a fart, he now does the opposite.

My coworker has learned this: It is evident across the world that we have not always avoided COVID-19 “like the plague.” But we’re trying. As always, good news is starting to spring up! The end of this pandemic is coming. I know I’ve said this before, but we need only hold out for a little bit longer. It will fall into our history books, and we can finally go back to worrying about the little things like climate change, social inequity and a stagnating economy. Our work will always be cut out for us, but at least we’ll be healthier while we do it.

We’re not yet at the end though. It’s been easy to talk about COVID-19 using words like “forever” and “eternity.” True, some lasting effects will persist and cannot be trivialized. But the future will be easier to face when the problem has ended. Dr. Anthony Fauci predicts that the COVID-19 vaccine will be widely available by the middle of the summer. That may as well be an eternity in quarantine-years, but the feat of producing a vaccine in such a short time can’t be overstated. So keep doing everything you can to stay healthy in the meantime. We’ll be through this soon.




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