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Letter to the editor: Kim McGahey isn’t worth the paper his column is printed on

I was dismayed to read Kim McGahey’s column (“The media is part of the problem,” Dec. 29). This type of misinformed and conspiracy-based nonsense is not worth the cost of the ink nor the newsprint it wasted. His staunch political bent is widely known around Summit County, and it was emphatically rejected in November by voters in his failed bid to represent House District 61.

As a fellow American citizen, I proudly stand up for McGahey’s right to say his piece. But as a journalist — and former reporter at the Summit Daily — I cannot sit back as this myopic ideologue is granted a platform within the very institution he is trying to tear down and for which I’ve dedicated my professional life. His revolting commentary perpetuates well-debunked Donald Trump myths and discredits the unwavering efforts of current staffers at Summit Daily as well as newsrooms throughout our nation.

News agencies, he opined, are fabricating the information they provide readers as part of a tired charge of some liberal-media scheme to limit conservatives’ voices and defeat our 45th president. McGahey also questioned the logic behind stay-at-home orders, which are intended to restrict people’s movement and ability to gather — the scientifically proven drivers behind spread of COVID-19. He complained that articles containing “negative media distortions” — you know, the ones explaining that more than 350,000 Americans, and counting, have lost their lives this year due to the coronavirus — create fear and dread, as if it’s a mere inconvenience that could be ignored.

I challenge Summit Daily’s leadership to apply better judgment about the fictions it allows McGahey to peddle and for him to pull his weathered MAGA hat up from over his eyes to see the realities around him: the ones journalists work so hard to document each day.

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