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Letter to the editor: Less government is always going to be better government

Allen Bacher

The Summit Daily News article “Locals react to what are likely to be Summit County’s new short-term rental licensing regulations” only included the anti-short-term rental comments regarding the Peak 7 issue.

The article should have had the pro comments from any number of residents and owners on Peak 7, as well.

My position is, and has always been, government has no business invading private property rights for the sake of its created “social engineering” problems. Its solution is not to fix its mistakes but to simply add more taxes to plaster over such.

The shortage of local housing is the result of the various planning and zoning restrictions on construction of separate lockout units over the years. Had these restrictions not been in place, there would be an abundance of affordable housing for locals.

In addition, had government initially required Breckenridge Grand Vacations and Vail Resorts to construct sufficient workforce housing as a part of their planned complexes, these issues would have been mitigated.

All governments should get out of the way of the owners of individual housing units and quit insisting that they can be all things to all people.

Adding a “fee” on top of all the other costs of ownership only brings in more money to the political coffers and fosters the growth of onerous government overburden.

The problems of today are created by the continued election of incompetent Democratic officials who are not savvy in all things economic, hell bent on social programs being funded by reaching into the pockets of the people, and not representing their true constituents: citizens, taxpayers and voters.

In short, less government is better government.

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