Letter to the Editor: Let Roe vs. Wade stand as court precedent

Stuart "Boot" Gordon

I am a teacher, parent, and historian. And I understand why people want to negate Roe vs. Wade.

However, I also care about people. And this quote by Guru Dev who was Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s teacher says, “To get a human body is a rare thing … after getting a human body if you don’t …(awaken) … then you have sold a diamond at the price of spinach.”

The problem is that a great number of us do not awaken. Both parents work, or there’s a single parent, often one or both parents have a mental, emotional, sexual, physical, or economic problem. And our modern culture is stressful. So the child is handicapped and suffers while on Earth and he, or she, doesn’t awaken.

The rich in our society have the money to see their children get care, food, shelter, schooling self-esteem, and the can awaken.

The poor, by themselves, can seldom help their children awaken.

Thus, the need for Roe vs. Wade.

Again, I sympathize with those who think the soul and life are the same. Animals and plants seem to have a consciousness and life, but not a soul.

We, humans, have both. A soul that has existed since time began, that will live forever, and is connected to our Prime Creator — Source of All That Is, God, Great Spirit, Allah.

My Guides tell me our soul doesn’t arrive until birth or just after.

My Guides seem authentic and accurate. They saved my life four times during World War II, twice while flying P-51’s during the Korean War and two times since. I wouldn’t be here, pushing 99, if I had continued to argue and had not listened and heeded their advice.

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