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Letter to the editor: Let’s find peaceful, productive pathways to move forward

Rabbi Joel R. Schwartzman


More and more I feel like a spectator at a perilous premier. I am waiting for the other foot to fall in America. Our divisions in this country have us operating in two alternative universes. This wouldn’t in itself be so bad, but our propensity toward expressing ourselves and our differences less in dialogue and more through violence is what is causing me to climb up into my watch tower.

As a country, we cannot seem to get over our divide. In great part, this is the result of our having different understandings of the “truth.” Caring, compassion and compromise are all the victims of this malaise. The winner-takes-all attitude has become our mindset. Fights over elections and voter rights far outweigh other concerns.

What disturbs me more than anything is this race to the battlements with no thought for the outcome. We continue to be enraged at and with one another like we are headed for a national divorce. We’re already in an uncivil war, unable to speak with one another. So unless and until we come to a common understanding that democracy is founded on fact on compromise and, ultimately, on majority rule, we will remain at odds, skirmishing and threatening to come apart altogether. Preparations for elections and the elections thereafter have taken more of our collective attention and treasure than many of our nonprofit charities.

In my mind, our American future doesn’t look very pretty. It simply looks overly petty. We ought to be bigger than this, but too many just can’t stand up to that. My greatest fear is that — like two fierce bucks that have locked horns together, unable to disengage — we may wind up killing each other rather than finding peaceful, productive pathways to move ourselves and our nation forward.




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