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Letter to the editor: Let’s recognize ideologies that can divide us and reject them

Nancy Gunow

Thank you for the article on the critical race theory discussion, which covered some of the main points made by each of the panelists. The panel aimed to inform us on the historical origins and current applications of critical race theory. The facts are indeed educational and nonpartisan.

At the beginning of the Q&A, those with opposing viewpoints were not met with hostility, as the people interviewed in the article claimed, but were freely given the microphone until it was realized that the Q&A format was not being followed. Questions were asked of the audience, in what appeared to be a divergence from the format.

One attendee said she was disappointed, dismayed, heartbroken, shocked, emotional and feeling palpable racial tension. I regret that she felt these emotions as the intent of the panel was to go beyond the subjective feelings one might have about critical race theory to historical and current evidence of the divisiveness of Marxism, critical race theory and equity policies.

The true measure of how open the discussion actually was could be attested to in the aftermath, when a group of critical race theory advocates gathered around panelist Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier. One of these individuals asked Lohmeier for recommendations of books to learn more about Marxism and critical race theory. Another asked for his phone number, to continue the conversation, which he freely gave. Those who disagreed with the panelists showed no animosity, rather open curiosity and interest.

It is my hope that we will all recognize ideologies that can divide us, reject them and instead strive to embrace our cherished belief that all people are created equal. In this way, we might attempt to eliminate racial division with positive interactions and ethical choices. As Lt. Gen. Rod Bishop so eloquently concluded, “E Pluribus Unum.”

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