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Letter to the editor: Letter was grossly mistaken in stating I am an ‘anti-vaxxer’

Ally Doolin

Sandi Bruns, in your dismissive letter, you labeled me an “anti-vaxxer.” I’m responding to set the record straight.

I’ve come to the conclusion that you’ve clearly made a gross error in judgment since you don’t know me personally and you don’t know my reasoning for not receiving the COVID-19 shot.

Truthfully, it’s none of your concern, but for the record: I’m fully vaccinated for every required childhood vaccine and even current on my tetanus booster.

What I am, is anti-mandates, pro-bodily autonomy and pro-medical freedom.

Why is this distinction important?

Because no human being should be forced to receive a medical product, like a vaccine that could cause them physical harm.

I happen to have a condition that puts me at higher risk to experience one of the potential rare (but non-zero) and life-threatening side effects of these shots. Layman’s translation: I could die. (And despite pro-vaccine mandate people wishing me sterile or dead at times, I really do like living.)

I am not anti-vaccine: Whoever wants one should make an informed decision with their physician. My doctor, who knows my unique risk factors, advised me not to get the shot. I am not anti-vaxx, but I am pro-life for me.

Bruns, would you care if this vaccine killed me? I am certain given your unkind comments you wouldn’t blink an eye or shed a single tear. Just another casualty of your vaccine-worship cult.

Bruns, I accept your apology, for mislabeling me as an anti-vaxxer, in advance. Hopefully in the future, you’ll think twice before assigning someone you don’t know a label that was clearly intended to be demeaning toward a person with a perspective different from yours. This Christmas season, I’ll be praying for you to find kindness within yourself for people who hold different beliefs than you do.

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