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Letter to the editor: Mainstream press neglecting some COVID-19 research

Terry W. Donze


Oh, the irony! Kim McGahey, listing the rungs of the conservative ladder, chose mask-wearing, or lack thereof, as rung No. 1.

A letter to the editor by Robert Wages on the same page thinks those who take offense at mask-wearing know nothing while those touting masks know better. Perhaps those who take offense know more than Wages because they’ve reviewed Stanford scientists’ work finding masks, even medical ones, are absolutely worthless against the COVID-19 virus. That study was published on the National Institutes of Health’s National Center for Biological Information website. (Editor’s note: Stanford University has disavowed the study.)

Cases in unmasked, open states, such as Florida, versus closed, masked states show little difference. Democrats warned Texas was inviting a public health disaster when it reopened the state, yet in six weeks, newly identified COVID-19 cases fell by more than 50%, and daily deaths dropped even more.

Isn’t it odd that the mainstream (lamestream?) press neglects this research, so we don’t see both sides of the issue to make our own informed decisions? The freedom of choice McGahey wrote about is missing. Instead, we get nothing but mask-mongering from our media and the Wages of the world. Even mentioning the Stanford study can get you canceled on some social media platforms.

As the pundit says, “Wearing a mask to stop COVID-19 is like trying to stop a mosquito with a chain-link fence.” Where is that freedom to choose that we all need and cherish?



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