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Letter to the editor: Mask debate has turned to symbolism over substance

Maarten Meinders

Columnist Scott Estill has done us a great service in his latest opinion piece. The mask issue has been resolved: “They work. It’s science.” Well, that settles it!

Never mind the fact that the virus that causes COVID-19 is so much smaller than the mask pores. Masks are just a symbol to remind a “very vocal but minority faction of our community” that they are just that: an insignificant minority about to be relegated to the intellectual and moral trash heap by the overwhelming majority of those good folks who take responsibility for other people’s health.

Well, why worry about such a small minority? Could it be that this minority is making too much sense with inconvenient facts about the nonefficacy of public masks and the God-given protection we enjoy from natural immunity? Yes, surgeons wear specific medical masks in a sterile environment to protect themselves and the patients for whom they have a fiduciary responsibility when those patients cannot protect themselves against infection while under anesthesia. That is totally different than holding ordinary people responsible for the health of others by having them wear one of those rags you buy at Walmart.

This is symbolism over substance! Not only that, but my neighbors can protect themselves and should. That is their responsibility, not someone else’s. We are not dealing with Ebola here, and the new omicron variant is even less deadly than the original COVID-19 variant.

I am more than willing to “get out of the way” and be left alone, but the likes of Estill won’t let me. They insist on telling me how to live my life while whipping up vaccinated people’s hysteria about how some unmasked bandit is going to kill them in the food aisle at Safeway. And this is called science?

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