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Letter to the editor: McGahey continues to rehash his gripes, insult elected officials

Bruce Menzel

Kim McGahey has decided to help readers with vocabulary. In his June 1 column, he announces that his weekly column topic is hypocrisy, for which he provides a passable definition. He proceeds to give two self-authored fictional examples of hypocrisy. One is not about hypocrisy at all; it’s about plain old lying. The other is so poorly phrased as to be nonsensical. He extends his lesson with what he considers to be a terrible case of Summit County hypocrisy, a rehash of his gripes about the school board’s adoption of an equity policy. Interested readers can see a truthful explanation of the policy in the May 12 Summit Daily guest column by Rita Tracy and Rebecca Kaplan.

McGahey then moves on to a new word — livability — used in the context of the Summit housing dilemma. He comments that “nobody knows what it means.” Actually, in the real world, livability is a useful concept commonly applied in community planning. It can be described as the sum of factors that add up to a community’s quality of life. After more befuddlement on that topic, McGahey returns to his fantasy concept of hypocrisy. Well, not actually. He really just wanders off into irrelevancies highlighted by insulting locally elected officials.

So once again, McGahey, we, your readers, appreciate the opportunity to gain insights into your “inciteful” style of conservative common sense.

I still have a few unused word spaces left in my 300-word letter limit, and I’m tempted to launch into a lesson on a word of my own choosing: irrational. But, darn, I’ll run out of space. So I’ll save irrational for another letter to the editor about McGahey’s column. I’m sure I can find an appropriate use for it.

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