Letter to the editor: McGahey has courage of his convictions — except when he doesn’t

Jim Callison

Kim McGahey’s recent column, “Have the courage of your convictions,” was revealing.

McGahey said it’s “difficult to ascertain the truth amid the cloud cover of partisan hyperbole and misinformation. Low journalistic standards don’t focus on facts that expose the real story but instead create fiction that merely supports a certain political narrative.” Agreed. A perfect description of Fox News.

McGahey, your ultra-conservative columns seem to indicate Fox is probably a favorite “news” source. Where else do you get your news? Breitbart? Hannity? Ever balance them by listening to PBS? CNN? MSNBC? Many of us check left-leaning and right-leaning sources to avoid that “media bias” you rail against.

Your encouragement for citizens to “have the courage of your convictions” is commendable. I assume you believe the GOP does that, since you’ve been a Republican candidate. As I understand it, GOP convictions include:

Local control and less state/federal government control: But Republican governors (Texas, Georgia, others) often try to prohibit local control (mask mandates, school curricula, managing elections).

Being “pro-life”: Yet many Republicans refuse to wear masks in public (even in businesses choosing to require them) or get vaccinated, which collectively would save thousands of lives.

Less government interference in people’s lives and people making their own decisions: However, GOP state legislatures (especially Texas) continue passing more restrictive laws regarding a woman’s right to have an abortion, a very private matter.

Respect for police and law and order: But congressional Republicans tried to block an investigation of the shameful attack on our Capitol, and police officers protecting it, in January. Some, including former President Trump, praised the rioters.

What’s up with all that?

McGahey, you and many Republicans seem to have the courage of your convictions, except when you don’t. Maybe your next column could admonish everybody to “practice what you preach.”

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