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Letter to the editor: McGahey just regurgitates his limited vocabulary of scary words

Amy C. Simper

Guilty! I must be one of the weak-minded sheep our so-called “Conservative Common Sense” columnist Kim McGahey recently referenced.

Regurgitating his limited vocabulary of scary words and phrases, such as draconian, injustice, unconstitutional, fear and manipulation, McGahey fails to grasp the irony in his often-illogical positions. Where is the loss in personal freedom for an entity to require proof of vaccination to enter? Choose to not be vaccinated? Choose to go shirtless or shoe-less? Then one has chosen to limit one’s own boundaries.

But apparently it is OK for conservatives to dictate health care available to pregnant women. Concerned about all those unborn babies? Yet there is little support for caring for children after birth. What about creating reasonable gun laws that would prevent the rash of senseless killings? That’s murder of people, compared to “protecting” ounces of not viable cells.

McGahey claims the Democratic Party gains an advantage by using mail-in ballot “gimmicks” with failure to note the proven reliability of such voting methods. I find it pathetic that he fails to see the injustice Republican stronghold governments wield in enacting laws that severely limit voting access, purposely preventing ease of voting for minorities and by-the-clock working-class individuals. Whose party does that type voter suppression favor?

Basically, I hear McGahey’s redundant chest pounding for what he defines as freedom, including the right to clog hospital beds with COVID-infected, unvaccinated individuals, yet viewing it perfectly fine to legislate women’s health care and voting access. Comparing Dr. Fauci with Jim Jones? Refresher course: Who led brain-washed people to their suicide, and who — with research and science — has educated and protected millions of people from COVID’s grasp?

Me, weak minded? Nah! I’ll stick with seeking fairness in everyone’s human rights, not just my own.

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