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Letter to the editor: McGahey’s column reflects an abhorrent absence of reality

Amy C. Simper

Does Kim McGahey speak to conservatives or just to himself?

McGahey’s April 20 conservative ladder column seems to demand rights of a select few with disregard for accuracy and an abhorrent absence of reality. If he clamors to be well-informed, perhaps he should start by becoming informed.

Is his God so small that God needs to be retrofitted as a Founding Father’s ideal? I quote a phrase by George Washington for the 1797 Treaty of Tripoli, “The government of the United States is not in any sense founded on the Christian religion.” Many of the Founding Fathers practiced deism, reason over dogma. Thomas Jefferson specifically advocated separation of church and state.

Of course, he may choose to not be vaccinated. He may also choose to jump off a cliff. When inadvertently infecting others, someone still pays the price by taxing an already overwhelmed medical system. Laws, originating from the far right, that dictate what is and is not available for women’s health care, seem to be demanded by conservatives. Are these rules not stifling of women’s rights? Or is it just offensive when certain rules are imposed?

McGahey promotes boycotting local businesses that advocate social justice. Seriously, with that shtick, shopping and business choice options may become limited. What if social injustice was aimed at him? He specifically references being against “woke social agendas.” Woke justice refers to reducing racism. Did he intend to admit being racist?

If wearing a mask to protect others had been promoted by President Donald Trump as something to proudly sport, such as a MAGA cap, would it then have been translated as a symbol of oppression? Lastly, did those nice conservative democracy upholding American patriots defend police or doff their caps as a sign of respect while storming our nation’s Capitol? I think not.

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