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Letter to the Editor: Measure your life, live long

Boot Gordon

I smiled when I read Linda Perroti’s “Measure Your Life” letter to the editor in the May 2 edition of Summit Daily News. I had just made an “alphabet soup” for living till age 98 that sounded similar. Here it is:

  • LAL — Laugh a lot. Joy is the outer expression of inner love.
  • FLW — Find life’s work. Maybe to change the world or to split wood and carry water. It doesn’t matter. We all need a purpose.
  • GTD — Give thanks daily. And thank you, Stalking Wolf.
  • LQ not IQ — Pursue love, not ego (IQ).
  • CMC — Sound familiar? They are the last three steps of Patanjali’s philosophy, concentrate, meditate, contemplate.
  • YEBG’s — The most important and maybe the only one advice we need: Ye be gods and sons (and daughters) of the Most High.

If this be true, we have thoughts that are godly, use words that are godly, and create works that are godly that lift mankind. Therefore, we need but one alphabet cup to sip.

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