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Letter to the editor: More state governments should legislate tort reform

Ralph Ragsdale

Those of us born since about 1950 won’t remember what it was like when there was such a thing as an accident. It wasn’t the practice to assign liability to every accident and ask your lawyer to file a suit. Actually, some lawyers seek such opportunities.

The practice has mushroomed and has become a blight on our society. First, the lawyer convinces the injured party that an enormous settlement can be had. Then, an insurance company settles out of court with a negotiated enormous payout. Then, the insurance company raises the rates on all policyholders to cover the expenses of the ridiculous damages. The cycle repeats, and the sky’s the limit.

There appears to be no phenomenon to curtail the escalation of the sequence. Those inflated premiums come from hard-earned paychecks. That’s bad. Often, the person sued settles out of court to save costs, without the opportunity to prove his innocence, violating one of his freedoms. People sue for slander at the drop of a hat. Whatever happened to “sticks and stones”?

The objective of a lawsuit is to obtain justice. Aside from unnecessary costs, the excessive uses of lawsuits have led to unfortunate consequences. Doctors are reluctant to give emergency assistance in public. Doctors order unnecessary tests to reduce exposure if sued for malpractice. People tolerate unbecoming behavior in public, unwilling to step in for fear of escalating a dispute to the point of a lawsuit. Who wants to lose his or her hard-earned savings in this manner?

Some of you youngsters put on your thinking caps and put a stop to this society-killing phenomenon. Logically, it would help if more states would legislate tort reform. I don’t want to put all lawyers out of work, just some of them. Would you like to?

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