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Letter to the editor: Only evildoers wish to dim the light of truth

Jon David Schein


When people live together under an agreed upon rule of law, they do so in order to benefit from the safety of the whole, first, and the conveniences provided by civilized community living, second.

This coming together makes it so that we as individuals do not have to spend our every waking hour on the daily toils of mere survival in a wild world. Lest we forget, humanity’s natural-born state is that of shear and utter poverty, foraging to meet our daily sustenance!

When we choose to come together — or to continue that life of safety and convenient mutual benefit into which most of us are born today — we’re offered the chance to ask ourselves, “How could this place be even better than it already is?”

Those tried and true veterans of the community skip the vagueness and ask more specifically, “What action can I take today that will fulfill an already clear and present need of the better community of tomorrow?”

Denial of problems will never make them disappear as problems. Addressing the problems as free people, free to see all information, is the only way to discern whole truths from hollow fictions and to act with clear understanding rather than in blind ignorance.

Truth is in the proof.

Only evildoers wish to dim the light of truth, or by any means extinguish the fundamental fire of liberty for all, and with it the many unique personal passions and pursuits that drive each of us to greatness.

May truth light the path of reason, scientifically, methodically and bravely into the dark past of provable actions at all levels and especially the highest levels of our civilized order.



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