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Letter to the Editor: Only legal U.S. citizens deserve government support

Chuck Savall

Lipstick on a pig.

Summit Daily News sure knows how to gloss over reality with misleading words: “quiet immigration population, undocumented community members, Spanish-speaking individuals, Dreamers, those who do not have legal status. What the paper is referring to — but apparently can’t utter the words — is “criminal illegal aliens.”

A person does not become an immigrant when their first act is to illegally cross our borders. America has a legal process for immigration that requires you to first petition the U.S. government to be allowed to immigrate. Then, you enter through a border entry location. Everything else is a crime.

So what do our liberal state elected officials do? They reward that criminal behavior with financial education and healthcare incentives — programs and money that legal U.S. citizens don’t even have access to. How does a criminal get “in-state” tuition, when they aren’t even in the country legally?

If you haven’t figured it out yet, the whole mess is a ruse to import future Democratic voters, using taxpayer dollars. Enter illegally, get paid to stay, get a driver’s license, then vote-by-mail with no proof of legality required. This is just another back-door, election-rigging scheme.

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