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Letter to the editor: Opinion column was too sarcastic to be persuasive

Maarten Meinders

Scott M. Estill’s latest column, “Afraid of needles,” expresses legitimate concerns (hopefully driven by tender compassion) about people who choose not to be vaccinated and their uneasiness about an untrustworthy government, suspicion of profit motives, freedom, vaccination safety, medical censorship, religious convictions and possible persecution.

These issues need to be debated in an open and civil way. Does anyone doubt they are important issues? I’m not sure what his objective was in the column, but if he was trying to persuade uninformed, misguided fellow citizens, he failed miserably.

For one, most who are not vaccinated, many of whom are minorities or people with natural immunity, have already made their personal decision. Secondly, his piece was way too sarcastic to be persuasive. Case in point: He calls them “anti-COVID vaxxers.” This is a pejorative term akin to Holocaust deniers. Also, he mocks them as if they routinely shoot bleach up their veins.

His solution: They need to face consequences. Not natural consequences, mind you, but man-made consequences which seem downright vindictive to the core. This possibly includes no more access to medical care, supposedly because they don’t trust doctors anymore.

Just because they fear COVID-19 has become severely politicized in our medical system does not mean people do not trust it in other areas. Why, for instance, is natural immunity not being acknowledged as valid? For those who aren’t vaccinated, it all boils down to: Can the government be trusted when it insists COVID-19 is so dangerous that it warrants extreme measures of shutdowns and making vaccinated people fearful that they are at incredible risk if they see people not wearing masks.

This for a virus that has a 99%-plus survival rate! This is not “The Strain,” folks (Hulu series). People are not roaming the streets sucking one another’s brains out.

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