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Letter to the editor: Peak 7 should have been designated a resort zone

Ryan Greff

Having lived on Peak 7 since 1989, I am absolutely, positively in favor of it being designated a resort zone. I prefer property owners being able to use their property as they see fit.

Doesn’t a good neighbor learn to live with those around them no matter the situation rather than whining to government to fix all their problems? It’s the local governments that got us into this housing problem by nixing accessory dwelling apartments over the last 30 years, and more regulation is not the solution. I have seen plenty of nuisance behavior from full-time homeowners and long-term renters over the years that make short-term renters look like saints. But hey, is that OK since you live here full time or have a year lease?

None of the claims that have been brought up in letters to the editor are true. Traffic jams and destruction of the character of the neighborhood? Get real. Summit County and Peak 7 have always had short-term rentals, and you bought here, so it must not be too bad. The only traffic jams I see are the moose blocking the road and the occasional car in the ditch, which isn’t always a tourist, by the way.

It honestly seems like a bunch of whining and an overwhelming sense of entitlement. Then again, this is Summit County, with everybody trying to run other people’s lives and ruin the great spot we call home. Leave it alone and let people do what they need to do to survive, further their portfolios or just sit on their deck and scream at their rental neighbors for enjoying this beautiful place we get to call home. Rentals bring diversity and jobs to our neighborhood, which I appreciate and have for the last 32 years I have lived here.

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