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Letter to the editor: People who blindly trusted the CDC will have their world turned upside down

Rachel Steinmetz

Sadly, letter writer Philip B. Huff’s continued excuses, diversionary tactics and weird accusations about what supposedly drives me insane is just further proving my point about cognitive dissonance and cultlike devotion to sacred authority.

By completely ignoring the peer-reviewed study I mentioned showing how the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s current warts are misinforming and manipulating people, he is purposely ignoring the evidence that the CDC is a bloated federal government agency with a long history of incompetence, fraud, secrecy and mission creep. The deep state of entrenched bureaucrats embedded in the beltway bowels is alive and thriving at the CDC.

He has not successfully debunked anything I referenced, but he continues to screech about “conspiracies” because he, apparently, isn’t ready to face the inconvenient truth about the trustworthiness of his beloved government agency — an agency that is actively withholding pertinent data from the general public as the New York Times and others have recently reported.

It seems to me, a decidedly political agenda would be one that refuses to hold our public servants accountable for their unethical actions. People who have blindly trusted the CDC the past two years are about to have their world turned upside down as the lack of transparency and manipulation of data become undeniably evident. Lashing out at me is not going to change that, but if I’m the messenger he needs to shoot, so be it.

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