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Letter to the editor: People who push bogus information are not burdened by rational thought

Charles Pitman

Dennis and Sally Kaiser recently wrote a letter about the societal benefits of obtaining the COVID-19 vaccines. The letter was spot on. However some of the responses to that letter have been stunning in their naivety and ignorance.

The efficacy of these vaccines and the data around which they are developed is vetted in peer-reviewed journals for everyone to see. Yet somehow, we are supposed to believe that there is a vast collaborative international conspiracy by big pharmaceutical companies, research institutions, major universities around the world, and other private- and government-sponsored research — not to mention independent scientists — to fake the data and perpetuate a massive fraud on humanity solely for the sake of profit.

In place of valid science, these people believe in non-vetted information pushed by anonymous sources on the internet with no substantive research, no published peer-reviewed results and no medical trials.

As Seb Falk so eloquently stated, true scientists undergo standardized training, obtain internationally recognized professional qualifications, and use universally accepted methods, in purpose-designed spaces, to obtain reliable answers to questions that have themselves been posed in a standard way.

Clearly, the people who push the bogus internet information are not burdened by rational and critical thought.

And for those who don’t believe in masks, the next time you have major surgery, tell the doctors, nurses and medical staff that masks are not necessary because they offer no substantive protection. See how that works out for you.

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