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Letter to the editor: Predicting what will happen in 2021 is a fool’s errand

Ric Pocius


Kim, Kim, Kim, your predictions for Biden’s presidency are so pedestrian and lacking that apocalyptic flair to make us be very afraid. Consider the following prediction for 2021:

  • AOC and her far-left cabal funded by George Soros will actually run the presidency.
  • Antifa will be in charge of the new national police force.
  • Fox News, Newmax and OAN will become shopping channels for environmentally friendly products, scented oils, crystals and beads.
  • The NRA will be required to return to its original mission of hunter and gun safety.
  • The New York Times and The Washington Post will be required reading for all school kids.
  • Hugo Chavez will be in charge of all national elections.
  • MSNBC will be the only news station in the country.
  • All congressional Republicans will the executed on the Washington Mall.
  • All state and local elected Republicans will be sent to Guantanamo, where they will be trained to enjoy lattes, quiche and white wine spritzers.
  • All the kids of elected Republicans will be required to work at the Bill and Hillary Clinton national pizza chain.

In closing, nobody could have predicted what would happen in 2020, so predicting 2021 is a fool’s errand. Enjoy the moment.




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